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Changes in David's existence In the Ruben Wyndham novel The Chrysalids David's perspective changes totally on close friends, family and deviations. In the tale it reveals how Sophie being a deviation shows the difficulties deviations deal with. Uncle Axel changes David's outlook though he is not really his dad he shows David precisely really the case in the world, Petra opens David's eyes to any or all the responsibility he has to look after for the folks he cares about. David's view changes once important people and situations change his whole perspective of lifestyle. Uncle Axel shows David how much this individual loves him and displays him the strings of the world and what really is the actual image. Granddad Axel teaches David how Waknuk appears to be on the outside, simply by showing him different tracks " To achieve the rest of the world (my Uncle Axel explained”) (58) To be able to prepare an easy way to flee Waknuk most places has to be known to be in a position to go to several places safely. Uncle Axel kills Joe Erving to protect the group since Joe Erving found, " You took a major risk for all of us yourself Dad Axel”... " Very little risk for me against a great intended for you” (119) To make sure the group was safe Dad Axel needed to take all precautions intended for the safety of the whole group. Uncle Axel teaches David what actually is the true graphic: mind. " No what make person man is usually mind is actually not a thing it's a quality. ” (79) The religious idea of Waknuk only allows people who are the same as the definition of man which can be on the outside of man not really the inside. The love Uncle Axel had to get David proves to him that all he knows is usually not completely the truth and knows his life will be changed. Petra teaches David how to take more responsibility and that he must take even more care of his friends and family. Petra being telepathic makes it much more dangerous for the rest of her friends and family finding out she actually is a deviation which makes David have to shield her really carefully just before they are delivered to...

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