The Pros and cons of Cholesterol Essay


The Pros and cons of Bad cholesterol

Introduction to Anatomy of human body


Teacher: Eric G. Steelman, DHSc(c), MPH, MS, RLATG

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Summer 24, 2014

The Ups and Downs of Hypercholesteria

So you started out this new diet plan to drop some weight for the summer and now you find yourself examining labels to ensure they products you buy don't contain trans-fat and not necessarily high in hypercholesteria. You find your self investing in the latest diet gimmicks that promise to help reduce stomach fat and maybe lessen your cholesterol. Something you did not realize, none of these gimmicks were consulted with your doctor. In fact , your cholesterol levels weren't possibly elevated to cause for concern. Is too very much cholesterol bad for your health? What is Bad cholesterol? The American Heart Relationship defines cholesterol as " a waxy substance contained in two sources: your body and food. Your body, and especially your liver, helps to make the cholesterol you may need and comes up it throughout the blood. ” (AHA, 2014) Cholesterol is out there in the food we ingest like chicken and dairy. The problem with this waxy substance is actually much can cause plaque to produce in the blood vessels. This can cause heart problems in the future. So to maintain your cholesterol amounts lowered, a person might limit the number of foods which have been high in trans or saturated fat. In this paper, we all will look at the fluctuations of hypercholesteria and how lipids play a role in the human body.

Lipoproteins are made up of lipids and proteins; they are really responsible for transporting cholesterol through the body. Fats are considered non-polar and are in a position to enter the cellular by a procedure called basic diffusion. To ascertain your bad cholesterol count, a blood test can be done to see if LDL (low-density lipoprotein) and HDL (high-density lipoprotein) amounts are good or perhaps bad. BAD is considered to be unhealthy culprit...

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