Research Project Composition



Hobbies I have:

Spending some time with Relatives

Video games




Listening to music



Spending time with Friends


Likely research areas:

Building a pc

Finding out even more about relatives

Researching particularly on a particular sport

Researching specifically on the video game

Exploring specifically on the music music group or particular artist Arranging a travel information

Planning for a good diet

How to play tennis

Queries I might want answered:

Precisely what are the positives and negatives of being Thai?

Why would my parents move to Australia?

What were my own parent's childhoods like?

- What they did

- What school was just like

What is happening together with the R18+ game titles concept?

Building a computer structured for either gaming or school work? Precisely what is included in a healthy diet?

Feasible Research Concerns

Possible Formats

What are the positives and negatives penalized a Thai born Australian? - socially

- academically

How do you create a computer primarily based for game playing?

What do you eat to maintain a healthy way of life?

Useful Essay


Oral display

Likely Research Strategies

Interview parents

Interview good friends and cousins from the same culture

Exploration parents skills and the child years

Research so what happened in Vietnam during their years as a child

Conduct online surveys using study monkey

Read books such as 'The Happiest Refugee' by Anh Do

View documentaries -- 'Once after a time in Cabramatta'

Exploration using search engines like yahoo carefully

Ethical and Security Considerations

Assure copyright laws will be followed on books and videos explored - We are really cautious of plagiarising

Consider interview questions carefully as they could possibly be personal Always be thankful and respectful to the people that I interview




Exploration Title

Japanese Parents

Research Issue


In what ways features my parent's Vietnamese early years impacted their particular...

Analysis of the Green Mile 1 Article