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Division of Social Sciences and Humanities

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From the Requirements pertaining to the Study course

English eight (Technical Writing)

Elmer Alcano



DATE: MAY 20 2013

TO: Mr. Mark Gil M. Spende

FROM: Elmer Alcano

SUBJECT MATTER: Progress Survey on English 8, Specialized Writing

This statement is all about what we should have learned through this subject Technological writing. When ever we've enrolled this subject matter we didn't know what this can be all about, in our mind we think that it's all about composing. When Mister. Mark Gil Gabe introduced this subject we've learned that technical writing is very important inside our lives, training, and it is a distinctive subject. This subject contain different college students and training but we all ended up of one definition that technical articles are giving an bank account of an aspect of a particular business, science, technology, trade, sector and other job. We have learned that the relevance of technological writing will help us to comprehend easily on how to operate a particular technology through user's manual and information. We've learned also the qualities of any good record writer this are the next: organized pondering, objectivity, mental alertness, mental curiosity, determination if we have all this attributes we can organized and discover all the information we now have gathered. We could know what the purpose of collecting data, we have the confident and eagerness to interact in a certain activity and to learned a thing. The basic rule of powerful technical composing gives all of us an idea to understand our target audience we've discovered this subject that we will need to think that the leader is definitely intelligent, we need to know the exact reason for our technical report, to be able when we shipped it we could give...

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