Quasi-Experimental Models Essay

Quasi-Experimental Models

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PSYC-3003-12 Methods in Mental Inquiry

Teacher: Meredith McKee


Quasi-Experimental Designs

According to (Stangor, 2011. pp. 274), quasi-experimental style is employed once there are two groups of people who cannot be designated randomly to other organizations. Also, with this type of design the parameters cannot be manipulated as they will be in other types of tests and the factors are measured rather than manipulated, (pp. 274). In this case, there are four several studies which can be important to examine as to their variables and how they would function.

The first analyze that I select is examine one that illustrates that women conduct more poorly, on average, than men conduct on the math concepts section of the SAT. I chose this analyze because Required to know more about this and it left me together with the question, " why? ” One of the reasons that came to mind as to the reasons this is true is that men will be more geared towards math and research that the majority of girls. In my opinion, I think this would be something interesting to examine. The 3rd party variable is definitely the mathematics section on the LAY test. The dependent variable is the women's performance.

In order to study this concept to find additional information is the comparison group design. The reason why this design could be chosen is because this lends itself to observing the two groupings. If this kind of study had been done, the comparison between your men and women about their schooling and education may be important to understand why guys perform much better than women on the SAT. This will allow the researchers to understand what factors had been involved in helping women attain on the overall SAT and where the difficulties were on their behalf on the math concepts section. This kind of knowledge could possibly be helpful in creating a higher common of teaching and learning for women who planned to go into math and science when they completed high school. A different way that...

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