Nike Case Essay

Eliseo Arteaga


Bus 187


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I really do not imagine Jeff Ballinger has a convincing argument against Nike. I do believe he has a persuasive argument against labor circumstances in Philippines. He declares that 23 years ago, of the seventeen, 000 infractions reported in that year only 12 were prosecuted. Whilst this figure is very alarming about poor people labor circumstances in Dalam negri, it has not any proof concerning where these kinds of violations were originating from. It is extremely likely that some of the infractions were coming out of the industrial facilities that Nike had under contract, nevertheless there is no way to separate, out of the 17000, how most of the violations Nike was accountable for. It just appears that Mr. Ballinger has a personal vendetta against Nike. Nike's response to the allegations is definitely not persuasive at all. The initial reaction via Nike was going to stay silent about it is labor conditions. In fact Nike's response would make a person feel like they knew regarding the awful working conditions that are inside their factories but they are turning a blind eyesight. Nike procedes say that they can be held responsible to the actions of the technicians they have appointed in Dalam negri.

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Nike would not handle the publicity of its labor practices very well at all. The first reaction coming from Nike was to say that it was not their responsibility to oversee what was going on international. Nike do try to include someone research the situation; even so Nike only had the private investigator look into the poor labor conditions. The problem was that the world wanted to find out about the issues about child labor, and settlement. If Nike had desired to let this kind of bad promotion die straight down, they should possess allowed persistent company check out the entire conditions. After their findings Nike should have apologized for any incorrect doing and after that Nike must have tried to correct the problem. Nike would have seemed bad for a short period of time. But they could have looked even more accountable acquired they recognized their...

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