Ghosts - Henrik Ibsen Essay



Henrik Ibsen



Henrik Johan IbsenВ

(20 March 1828 – twenty-three May

1906) was a

NorwegianВ playwright,

theatre representative, andВ poet.

He's often referred to as

" the father ofВ realism" and is

one of many founders

ofВ ModernismВ in theatre. В He

is the most usually

performed dramatist in the

world afterВ Shakespeare.


пЃ¶All of the actions we see

occurs in the same place. It's a

big garden-room with three

doors leading upstairs, towards the

kitchen, also to the garden.

Furniture-wise, there are two

important items: a circular table

protected with literature and

magazines, and a sofa with a

little worktable.


пЃ¶Mrs. Helene AlvingВ В -В she lives with her maidservant, Regina, in a mansion in Norway's country.

пЃ¶Pastor MandersВ В -В he is a nearby priest through the nearby city. He often lectures other folks about values and religious beliefs.

пЃ¶Oswald AlvingВ - he seems a outstanding listlessness, which is why he blames himself. This individual also reveals a romantic involvement in Regina.

пЃ¶Regina EngstrandВ -В she's Mrs. Alving's maidservant. She is believed to be the daughter of Jakob Engstrand, a carpenter, and the overdue Johanna, Mrs. Alving's past maid.

пЃ¶Captain AlvingВ В -В he died 10 years prior to the start of play. He was a very well-known man with a reputation, and before this individual died he was made a chamberlain.

Helena Alving and Oswald Alving


Pertaining to the characters inВ Ghosts, tomorrow is a special day. They

are generally convening about Rosenvold, the Alving real estate, to

devote the Captain Alving Funeral service Orphanage. Mrs.

Alving is the widow of Captain Alving (also known as

Chamberlain Alving), a lady widely respectable in his

community. Mrs. Alving kept his true behavior –

dependency on alcohol, womanizing, and illness – secret for twenty

years. She delivered her boy, Oswald, apart at age seven to

guard him from your polluting affect of his father, who have

also recently had an illegitimate child by a servant. This

girl, Regina, was brought up by...

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