Cyber Criminal offense Law Article

Cyber Crime Rules. 50 mil pesos.

Practical. Philippines is definitely NOT even a first world nation to be able to /waste/ millions of pesos on a ineffective law. Consider it. There are A LOT essential problems than the Internet. Because these political figures can't consider mere critique doesn't mean they can suppress us. Think about education? Offering jobs? Building and changing infrastructure near your vicinity? WE PAID OUT TAXES FOR ANYONE AND WE GOT THIS REGULATION IN RETURN? Will you be kidding myself?

You think completing a bill such as this can entirely prevent persons from pirating stuff? Human beings are innovative and we can find way better sources to criticize the federal government. Yes, that lessens piracy but have you thought about other results? Shunning the citizens can be described as bad move. How will we progress if the government is definitely the only one lively?

Rape -- 3-4 years in imprisonment

Cyber offense - more than a decade in prison


likewise if you're area of the media, you get fewer years in jail than a normal citizen. What's the? Aren't most of us humans? So might be you saying media men have more privileges than us, normal people? You are usually implying that committing a cyber criminal offense law (sharing a photo, retweeting a status with criticism) is actually a much more serious sin than rape and murder?

" Kayo ang boss ko. " -- PNoy; Leader of the Philippines

Ah, talaga?

Masasabi mo ba yan ngayon?

Completing the cyber crime law contradicts using what his single mother's government exceeded (Article three or more, Section 4) and the rules his father died for.

The web crime rules is too obscure. Too dubious.

FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION is known as a primary proper. I thought each of our country was a democratic one particular? Why curb the residents? ARE YOU SCARED? If the government is really an honest and a trustworthy 1, they really should not afraid of those. But with how things are going...

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