Covenant Essay

The word agreement means a or compact or agreement between at least two beings. In political believed, this comes primarily from your Bible watch of the agreement between The almighty and his persons, or His home country of israel. In several locations in scripture, God reports, " We are your The almighty and you will be my People" (for example, Exodus 19: five: "... if perhaps ye will obey my own voice... and keep my agreement, then en shall be a peculiar cherish unto me personally above all persons... " ). This agreement involves The almighty giving his people blessings, protection, wealth, and appreciate in return for them obeying his laws, tips, and direction. A divinely " covenanted people" will be chosen by God, for special favor but as well special obligations: to live ethical, holy, reverent, godly lives, individually and socially. When the people with to whom God has made a covenant and who he has blessed go against his laws, God gives curses and punishments upon them. The Jewish Bible, or Old Legs, is the tale of God's chosen people, the Jews, alternately getting faithful with their covenant with God (and prospering) and breaking their covenant with God (and suffering defeat and destruction). This covenant view can be taken up by simply several Protestant Christian churches, especially David Calvin's, sometime later it was English and American Puritans. Besides the Outdated Testament agreement, they added the agreement of style (or forgiveness through Jesus Christ), church covenants, and governmental contrat. The agreement between God and his people was to always be enlivened and represented inside the church among Christian believers (who agreed to help the other person live a godly life) and the Christian commonwealth (who pledged to serve Goodness, obey his laws, and spread his gospel).

When the English Puritans arrived in America, they published and agreed upon the Mayflower Compact, a covenant among themselves, Our god, the chapel, and their government. America noticed itself like a New Israel, God's people under special divine blessing and safeguard as long as that they followed The lord's...

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