Catholic vs Protestent truck Essay

Sometimes between 1500 and 1620 the Protestant Movement was started in Britain teaching that through baptism all people were dedicated to the worship of God producing us all priests. While the Simple was making there tag the Catholic church was growing finatually with riches from providing indulgences to followers that promised pardoned sinners from punishment inside the afterlife. A man named Matn Luther led the fight against the Catholic house of worship, he was a German monk that assumed that the people could be salvaged by elegance at no selling price to these people. He as well believed that the people should certainly look to the bible rather than the chuch representatives or cortege as any kind of leader or authority in matters of religion or faith. The Catholic church would not like Luther interfering using their belifes and so King Charles put a arrest out for him to attempt to stop his efforts but was unsucsessful because of the northern prince of Germany's protection. The Catholic cathedral defended there beliefs simply by stating it had been not ordering forgivness nevertheless being repented for right now there sins this means feeling sorrow. The Catholic church likewise belived that there was only one person who could mediate among God and those who was recognized in the local clergy while the Prostestant believed that many person had the rights to speak to God. These are are just some of the major distinctions between the Catholic church plus the Prostestant Church that make all of them so not the same as eachother in so many techniques

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