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Using Darling and Leffel's (2010) framework, this kind of essay will certainly discuss what are the factors that produced Rosalia Mera a successful business entrepreneur. As well, it will assess according to Darling and Leffel (2010) leadership styles, how Mera is labeled as a Creator and a Connector innovator. She is an efficient leader due to her effective performance since the co-founder of Inditex that is mother or father of Zara chain of stores, and owner in the 7% of the company (Madrid, 2011).

There are many different meanings of management. Zaccaro (2007) argues that leadership styles can be believed by some traits and attributes that are combined within a certain approach. This means that management only relies upon leaders, and never on the followers. On the other hand, Northouse (2012) specifies leadership because " a process whereby an individual influences a grouping of individuals to achieve a common goal” (p. 6). Thus, command as an influence method is a celebration that occurs interactively between the head and the enthusiasts, and market leaders try to persuade individuals to accomplish common targets (Northouse, 2010).

Darling and Leffel (2010) point out that it is important too to identify the differences between the concepts of supervision and command. " To manage means to enhance, to accomplish, to have responsibility intended for, and to perform. To lead way to influence, to steer in way, course, actions, or opinion” (Darling & Leffel, 2010, p. 356). These two principles are clearly distinguished, nevertheless , their dissimilarities do not detract from the need for each one out of the business world (Darling & Leffel, 2010).

Beloved and Leffel propose 4 leadership styles, which are: Analyzer, Connector, Representative, and Inventor. These variations are defined according to the standard of assertiveness and responsiveness the leader offers. This can be found on more detail in the number below:

Physique 1 . Interactive Dimensions and Strengths of Leadership Styles (Darling & Leffel, 2010, p. 361)


(Strengths: Logical, Detailed, Serious, Systematic, Critical, Specific, Prudent)



(Strengths: Independent, Honest, Decisive, Pragmatic, Determined, Useful, Objective)




(Strengths: Cooperative, Devoted, Supportive, Diplomatic, Patient, Content, Respectful)


(Strengths: Innovative, Friendly, Enthusiastic, Outgoing, Edgy, Persuasive, Spontaneous)

The Analyzer-type shows a decreased level of assertiveness and responsiveness; Analyzers are very careful using their activities, organized, self-controlled and like to be even more analytical than emotional when they are taking decisions (Darling & Leffel, 2010). Director design combines a higher degree of assertiveness with a low degree of emotional responsiveness; they are really objective, 3rd party, willing to have risks, competitive and organization (Darling & Leffel, 2010). Creator-types frontrunners have high level of assertiveness and responsiveness; they are influential, willing to have risks, hopeful, innovative, outgoing and keen (Darling & Leffel, 2010). Finally, the Connector style reflects a comparatively low level of assertiveness and a high level of responsiveness; these leaders will be sympathetic, understanding, and value interpersonal relationships (Darling & Leffel, 2010).

From your four main leadership styles outlined by Darling and Leffel (2010), Rosalia Mera could be thought to be a Inventor and a Connector head. These two classifications have if you are an00 of responsiveness in common. Firstly, she has demonstrated being a Founder leader the moment she has considered innovative methods to accomplish her company's desired goals and offers invested in modern areas (Madrid, 2011). This innovative attitude has been seen from her inceptions in the business world. Rosalia Mera started the Inditex Group, a clothing business, with her ex-husband...

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