An Research of the Virginia Slims Cigarette Ad Campaign of 1968 Essay

Tobacco have been prevalent throughout western tradition since it's introduction to Europe in the 15th century by simply Christopher Columbus. From English cigars to Native American pipes, tobacco's popularity originated in it's pastime use. It wasn't until the twentieth century that tobacco, specifically cigs, were recognized to have a immediate correlation with cancer. CNN's Brief Good Tobacco chronologically displays the actions of the doj: " in 1930, experts in Cologne, Germany, produced a record correlation between cancer and smoking... by simply 1944, the American Cancer Society began to warn regarding possible side effects of smoking, although it accepted that ‘no definite data exists' connecting smoking and lung cancer”. The momentum of this details led to the 1952 Reader's Digest article " Cancers by the Carton”, which was the point when it became popular to think negatively towards smoking cigarettes. The article notes that, "[the research's] effect... was enormous: reports started appearing consist of periodicals, as well as the smoking open public began to have notice”, and then for the first time in over 2 decades, cigarette product sales declined. Continuing into the 1950's, Congress approved the Federal Cigarette labeling and Advertising Act which usually, "[required] the surgeon general's warning in all cigarette packages”. This kind of meant that the cigarette smoking community was starting from that point, exposed to the ill effects every time they looked at the carton. Interestingly though, during your time on st. kitts was a keen movement far from cigarettes inside the 1960's, there were an increase in the percent of overall feminine smokers. In the compilation Smoking cigarettes Policy: Legislation, Politics, and Culture, Michael Schudson points out that, " between 1955 and 1966, cigarette smoking increased among American women of all ages from 24. 5 percent of most women to 32. a few percent, at any given time when cigarette smoking decreased among men coming from 54. two percent to 50 percent”. Why was it that ladies were picking up the habit of cigarette smoking when contemporary society was putting it straight down? In my survey, I will not really give a conclusive reason why there was a rise in the percent of women cigarette smoking, but I will discuss what the themes happen to be shown inside the Virginia Slims ad campaign of 1968-74 to argue what these types of themes designed to women and and what they claim about the women of the time. To know the various advertisements interpretations however , it's imperative to initially understand two ideas; first the women's liberation movement at the time. The 1960's is considered the second-wave of the feminist activity. During the ww2, large numbers of ladies joined the workforce not to only to support the warfare effort although also undertake the required the family's primary breadwinner. This led to women having power and independence which they didn't desire to give up when the men returned. From this spawned a movement for the equality of women. Moving into the 1960's, the Kennedy supervision established the Commission around the Status of Women in 1961 which, " analyze issues related to women and [makes] proposals upon such subject areas as work, Social Reliability, education and tax laws” and the The same Rights Take action in 1963 which, "[ensures] that sex-based wage discrimination between women and men in the same work business was prohibited”. The two set the foundation for the revolution exactly where women demanded equality. With this circumstance, the Virginia Slims ad campaign was released through the awkward period where women have been preventing for equal rights for a couple years and becoming more headstrong.

The second idea that has to be understood may be the way advertising work. The aim of an advertisements is to reveal an audience into a product in hopes that they will be attracted to this. Nigel Hollis, Chief Analyst at the global research firm Millward Brownish, believes, " successful promoting rarely succeeds through debate or call to action. Instead, it creates positive remembrances and thoughts that influence our tendencies over time to encourage us to buy anything...

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