Abrasive Fly Machining Dissertation


(i) Introduction

Developing processes can be broadly broken into two groups and they are major manufacturing operations and secondary manufacturing operations. The former types provide fundamental shape and size towards the material according to designer's necessity. Casting, creating, powder metallurgy are these kinds of processes to name a few. Secondary making processes give you the final shape and size with firmer control on dimension, area characteristics and so forth Material removal processes are mostly the secondary manufacturing processes. Material removing processes yet again can be broken into mainly two groups and they are generally " Regular Machining Processes” and " Non-Traditional Making Processes”. Samples of conventional engineering processes are turning, monotonous, milling, shaping, broaching, slotting, grinding and so forth Similarly, Coarse Jet Engineering (AJM), Ultrasonic Machining (USM), Water Jet and Abrasive Water Jet Machining (WJM and AWJM), Electro-discharge Engineering (EDM) are a few of the No Traditional Engineering (NTM) Operations. (ii) Category of Low Traditional Engineering Processes

To classify Not Traditional Engineering Processes (NTM), one needs to comprehend and evaluate the differences and similar characteristics between regular machining techniques and NTM processes. Regular Machining Processes mostly remove material in the form of chips by applying forces within the work materials with a sand wedge shaped slicing tool that is certainly harder than the work materials under engineering condition. This kind of forces cause plastic deformation within the work piece bringing about shear deformation along the shear plane and chip development. Fig. on the lookout for. 1 . one particular depicts this kind of chip development by shear deformation in conventional engineering.

Thus the major characteristics of conventional machining are: • Generally macroscopic chip formation by shear deformation • Material removing takes place due to application of cutting forces – energy domain name can be categorized as mechanical • Reducing tool is usually harder than work part at area temperature as well as under machining conditions

Non Traditional Machining (NTM) Processes however are characterized as follows: • Material removal may take place with nick formation or maybe no processor chip formation will take place. One example is in AJM, chips happen to be of incredibly tiny size and case of Electrochemical engineering material removing occurs because of electrochemical dissolution at atomic level • In NTM, there may not be a physical instrument present. By way of example in laser jet machining, machining is carried out by laser beam. However in Electrochemical Machining we have a physical instrument that is a lot required for machining • In NTM, the tool do not need to be harder than the function piece materials. For example , in EDM, copper is used while the application material to machine toughened steels. • Mostly NTM processes usually do not necessarily employ mechanical strength to provide materials removal. They use different strength domains to provide machining. For instance , in USM, AJM, WJM mechanical strength is used to machine material, whereas in ECM electrochemical dissolution makes up material removing.

Therefore classification of NTM procedures is accomplished depending on the mother nature of energy employed for material removing. The broad classification is given as follows: • Mechanical Operations

вЋЇ Abrasive Plane Machining (AJM)

вЋЇ Ultrasonic Machining (USM)

вЋЇ Water Jet Engineering (WJM)

вЋЇ Abrasive Water Fly Machining (AWJM)

• Electrochemical Procedures

вЋЇ Electrochemical Engineering (ECM)

вЋЇ Electro Chemical Milling (ECG)

вЋЇ Electro Jet Drilling (EJD)

• Electro-Thermal Processes

вЋЇ Electro-discharge machining (EDM)

вЋЇ Laser Jet Machining (LJM)

вЋЇ Electron Light Machining (EBM)

• Chemical Techniques

вЋЇ Chemical Milling (CHM)

вЋЇ Photochemical Milling (PCM) etc .

(iii) Need for Non Classic Machining

Conventional engineering sufficed the requirement of the industries over the years. But new exotic work materials and...

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