A Good Man Is Hard to Find: the Grandmother’s Elegance Essay

" A great Man is difficult to Find": The Grandmother's Grace

Flannery O'Connor's " An excellent Man is Hard to Find" tells the metaphorical experience of a family's fatal conflict with The Misfit, an steered clear of serial fantastic. The happenings and heroes throughout the history are aspects of a story intending to symbolize the religious grace handed from one man to another, irrespective of kindness or evil. The prominent character in O'Connor's story is the grandmother, who also embodies this kind of grace. By simply including defects in the advancement the grandmother's character, O'Connor shows the indiscriminatory real estate of style she offers.

The grandmother is among the most developed persona of the story. She includes several qualities that match with the unoriginal elderly southern woman. Some of her thoughts are outrageous and unimportant, and ignored by her family, such as the possible assault by The Misfit, a trip to Tn instead of Fl, and a fear of cat asphyxiation. John Wesley and June Legend have little if any respect for his or her paternal grandmother. " This wounderful woman has to go all over the place we get, " complains June Superstar (194). The grandmother as well dresses immaculately, even for the car trip, because in an crash " any person seeing her dead on the highway would know simultaneously that the lady was a lady" (194). The girl calls focus on pointless specifics such as mileage, the speed in the car, and scenic road-side attractions. As well typical, the grandmother retains a profound appreciation to get incidents that happen to be of no value to others, such as the natural beauty of the panorama, respect pertaining to elders, and courting rituals during her childhood.

The character attributes of the grandma are will never ideal. Not merely is she random and frivolous, but in addition, she demonstrates hypocrisy and treatment. " Usually are you uncomfortable? " the girl asks when June Celebrity insults the owner of Red Sammy's Barbecue (196), but activities no personal shame by any means in saying that " Little niggers in the country have no things...

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