Why Do You Need to Write Compare and Contrast Essay Examples?

Many philosophers argue that one of the basic properties of the human mind is the process of understanding the similarities and differences between objects and phenomena. The philosophical aspect of the problem is not, however, the purpose of this article. Nevertheless, the need to make a choice entails the need to compare options, makes it necessary to consider in detail possible differences, or vice versa, the similarities of one phenomenon or object to another. When a student makes a choice between two colleges, when a person chooses a car or clothes, when they have to make any choice, there is a need for comparison and contrast. Consequently, compare and contrast essay examples describe how similar and/or different the compared objects or phenomena are.

There are five practical situations when it is necessary to write a compare and contrast essay. In other words, such an essay can be aimed at fulfilling five pragmatic tasks.

  • You can try and show which of the two (or more) compared objects is better in one way or another. The purpose of such a work is to convince the reader that one object should be preferred over the other object.
  • You may seek to show that two objects that seem different are the same. The purpose of this paper is to persuade the audience that there is no big difference between the two objects.
  • You may seek to demonstrate that two objects that look identical are in fact very different from each other. Your goal is to make the reader differentiate the described objects.
  • You can seek to find out the true nature of the object, comparing it and contrasting it with other objects. This essay has an obvious analytical focus.
  • You may seek to clarify the meaning of an unknown object or phenomenon, comparing it with a known object or phenomenon. A similar task is often faced by a teacher who wants to explain a new term, concept, etc. Through a comparison with already learned terms, concepts, etc. This is the sphere of practical application of the essay of the structure.

Ways of Organizing Compare and Contrast Essay

There are two ways to organize a compare and contrast composition.

  • The first method is as follows: the author chooses a certain number of characteristics of the compared objects and then successively shows that the first characteristic is available in both objects; then that the second characteristic is available in both objects; then that the third characteristic is available in both objects, and so on. Based on the fact that both objects have the same sets of properties (qualities, characteristics) in the conclusion, you conclude that the two compared objects are similar.
  • The second way to organize compare and contrast essay examples is mirrored to the first one. Here, once you have determined a set of characteristics, you need to consistently show that one object has the first, the second, and the third characteristics; and then, that the other object has the first, the second, and the third characteristics, and so on. In conclusion, you conclude that, since the compared objects have the same set of properties, they are similar.

Determining the Content of Your Essay

The content is the theme you are writing about. Such a question as “What were you required to compose about?” provides an essence of your content. It should take into account the following criteria:

  • Theme. Since the theme is set by the teacher, it complicates the task – everyone will write about the same thing and the repetition might be inevitable. It is very easy to get lost in a number of other works, and many times the quoted winged phrases can spoil the essay, because you do not know what other people will write about and how many times the same phrase will sound in different works. Therefore, it is worthwhile looking for unique phrases, and write from yourself, trying to emphasize your individuality. The novelty, fresh look, non-standard approach will highlight your work among all the others.
  • Format. The length, the number of pages, and the general exposition of the material are significant. Adhere to the requirements strictly, so as not to accidentally make your paper worse.
  • Audience. Who are you talking to using your essay? Who do you want to persuade? Your paper needs to address specific listeners.

Learning the Material to Confirm Your Arguments

  • Try quoting universally recognized authors of concepts and approaches. It is necessary to be well-oriented in this material. Do not be too lazy to refresh the memory by reading several books on the theme. On the other hand, take into account that time goes by, and what was written in the 19th–20th century is not always relevant.
  • Indicate in detail where this or that fact was taken. Correctly format the quotes, so you do not have to re-do it later.
  • Don’t ignore facts and positions that contradict with your arguments. Authors of good compare and contrast essay examples either mention other opinions and bring their positions against them, or mention other opinions and slightly change their own under their influence.

Well-Written Essays to Help You Make Your Own Paper

While researching, you’ll most likely see well-written compositions on your theme. Analyze them, answering the following questions:

  • What positions does the author make?
  • Is the composition good due to the logic, resourceful sources, organization, or something else?
  • What are his or her arguments?
  • Why are they so persuasive? How are the facts given and used?
  • Is the logic persuasive? Are the statements confirmed with good examples?

Think about Your Own Ideas

Of course, you can apply to other people’s provisions to back up your own statements. But, sometimes it is necessary be unique.

  • List all your ideas. It is possible to build associagrams.
  • Be prepared to wait for inspiration. Good thought can appear at any moment, so be ready to save them.

Marking the Thesis of Your Work

  • Read the ideas you have written. Select 1–3 of the best to back up your theme. Confirm them with the statements gained after a preliminary study.
  • Compose a thesis that would be a summary of your positions. This wat the audience will comprehend what you are talking about and why.
  • The thesis should be concentrated on your topic.
  • It should not be a question, or written in the first person. It must be related to the theme and not contradict anything you say.

Making a Plan

All thought that appear during the preparation, write on paper. Formulate a theme in one sentence. List positions in favor of this statement. Three arguments are generally enough for each theme.

The Main Section

At this point, you need to think about the size: if you are waiting for 5 paragraphs, then do not write 5 pages. So far, you can write using the freeride method writing down your thoughts in the form of a stream of consciousness. You can make them more convincing later.

  • Avoid very broad generalizations and use more reserved and neat sentences.
  • Avoid the pronouns “you,” “we,” “mine,” “your,” and “our.”. Confirm the opinion with facts, it will sound much more convincing.

Persuasive Title and Preamble

Both the title and the preamble influence whether people will want to read your essay or not.

  • Do not use obvious constructions like “This essay is about...”.
  • Try to write using the formula of the inverted pyramid. Start with a very broad description of the topic and gradually narrow it down to your specific thesis. For short essays, this should take no more than 3–5 sentences, for long ones – no more than a page.

The Concluding Section

Sum up all of your positions and offer options how your conclusion can be applied globally.

  • Answer the questions “What conclusions can be drawn if the thesis was true?”, “What’s next?”, “What questions do still need to be answered?”
  • The arguments you give should push the reader to a logical conclusion.
  • Work on the last sentence. If the title and preamble’s task is to persuade the reader to read your work, then the task of the last sentence is to get the reader to remember you. In all compare and contrast essay examples, we can see how the authors conclude their compositions making them memorable.

Reread the essay the next day. Finish the work on the composition a few days before the final date, so that you have time to make the necessary adjustments. Do not write for a clean-up if you did not double-check the text for errors.

Correct all grammatical, spelling and punctuation errors. Check if you used the correct punctuation marks correctly. Avoid using exclamation marks to enhance the expressiveness of your theses.

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